Re: why has Kat been permanently banned from this forum?

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ChrisB said...

Can we close a thread to any furher replies - this serves no purpose except for promoting acrimony.

The forum software does not really support this option. However, I shall look into making a special case specifically for this thread.

euphoric said...

The problem needs to be resolved.

We need to find out the truth here.

Agreed, so I will add one last post here to act as a summary and resolve as many unanswered questions as possible before locking the thread.

katsmeow said...

I didn't think i was banned. I thought i had just allowed my account to expire and be taken down in the Great Unilateral Draconian Measure of 2016.

I looked into this and determined that this is indeed what happened.

katsmeow said...

I asked Ryan, and admin and developer here, to reassure you i was gone by mutual agreement.

If there was any such agreement, I was not knowingly a party to it. As far as I can tell (and without reference to the reasons behind your decision to do so) you simply stopped logging into your account here.

katsmeow said...

Sending three emails to got me nothing, even mentioning _tom, jim, and euphoric in one of the emails.

I looked into this and found two of them in the spam folder. I guess in that case the forwarding feature doesn't work. (The third was probably automatically deleted from the spam folder before I got a chance to look at it).

euphoric said...

So, it doesn't look like there was any ill-will or nefarious blocking.

Nope, not as far as I know.

katsmeow said...

I submit that CK has once again violated this forum's Terms Of Conduct by his huge dump of negative personal terms against me. I ask he be relived of admin status and put on posting probation.

After carefully reviewing euphoric's comments, I do not see any use of "negative personal terms" or any disrespectful comments. With the exception of those made by apeto1, I do not believe that any post of this thread has violated the TOC.

If you disagree, please email the comments to the "contact admins" email address, emphasising exactly which words you think were disrespectful and why. DO NOT post them on this forum, as in the event that you are correct and the admins agree, your own post containing the reproduced comments would then also violate the TOC (potentially leading to sanctions against your account).

katsmeow said...

the acrimony has existed nearly 20 years now, led by jimcbrowne

I haven't even been around that long. Maybe 15, but even less than that if you take into account the long period that I was away.

katsmeow said...

Jimcbrown did seek to ban me,

I deny this.

katsmeow said...

this was a stated goal,

I deny stating it.

katsmeow said...

and he effectively did, even with no "ban list".

Your account's de-validation was incidental and was not targeted at you.

apeto1 said...

jimcbrown was the one who said that Kat had been permanently banned. To quote, "Kat will get unbanned over my dead body!"

I categorically deny that!

I have never communicated with apeto1 before, I never said to anyone that Kat had been permanently banned, and I certainly never said that quote.

In fact, my understanding was that unofficial policy is that Kat should never be banned, for any reason.

apeto1 said...

Hopefully jimcbrown will also get demoted and replaced by Kat as an admin.

Can't comment on Kat being an admin, but my demotion does not yet appear to be on the cards.

euphoric said...

We can't have hysterical and/or misinformed people coming to the forum and saying someone has been banned because an admin supposedly said, "Over my dead body."

Agreed. That's why, in addition to locking this thread, I've taken the liberty of banning apeto1. (An actual ban on an actual ban list, mind you.)

apeto1 said...

It looks like jimcbrown has been approprately collared

Uh, no.

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