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Hello jim,

First of all Happy New Year to you and those who are close to you.

Why do I need S2T & T2S?

1) I Can communicate a hell of a lot faster that way. Anything taking me an hour to type-out only costs me 10 minutes at most to SAY. Being able to go faster by a factor 6 means
1) I can produce 6 times faster than I can do possibly now, and with far less effort and errors.
2) Which intrinsically means I can explore 36 more ways Each with their own METHOD.

As the consequence of finding ONE new method is
that I will be able to advance to investigate 6! possibilities (720) whereas before that could only do 120.

Finding the next barrier to be able to communicate perfectly at thought-speed might get nearer, and will only be limited by the relative enhancement of this speed, you agree?
Well this is the way those authors who write books on a monthly or weekly base have to do (unless they let a 'puter generate them.

As right now I am thinking approximately 1000 times faster than I speak, tossing over thought-experiments and throwing out (on average 9 in 10) 100 will remain in the same time I threw out JUST 1 thought right now, it means I can unleash a much larger part of my capacity(ies) and find viable ways to tackle a new problem from far more sides in a significant shorter period.

I am however sure, that SWITCH can perform in more ways, with each parameter (choice) you add to it in a PREDICTABLE (number of) way(s), hence finding the correct formula will be a bit tricky, because the linear ORDER of things to test will be very important as I did prove in my example in my last post in this tread. 2 numbers have 2 different ways to interact. 1+1=2 1-1=0 that is ONLY true for 0,1 and 2. go do your math on 3 numbers (1, 2 and 3) There are ONLY 2 ways to have them result in 6 that are the same. 1+2+3==1*2*3.

But as 1 didn't contribute in the multiplication it DID in the addition. We are simply applying the laws of arithmetic here in a 2 dimensional plane.

What if we would start applying it in 3D? That is what I really am working at ATM.

BTW my apologies for transgressing the C0C if this forum, nowhere in the concise header is to be found, that I would not turn down any (temporary) help whatsoever and what consequences are involved. Nor is soliciting for such aid to be found as against the Code of Conduct ;)

Forked into: OT: S2T & T2S (non-Eu)

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