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Hello jd,

Primarily a healthier, happier and more prosperous New Year than any you have had until this one.

Secondarily your request:...
Please gimme me a link to where I can find the switch... case... default... end switch thing in the docs and includes
and I will look into the possible logical error that might lurk in there.
Switch has to put a number of possible return-addresses on the stack for the cases and the default.
If those addresses, for reasons yet unknown, aren't removed properly, you will surely get erroneous return after that, which might well be in the constants-table Eu keeps.

As I known enough of C(& C with OOP) and 86.?? Assembly language to get a grasp of what is going on "under the hood" I might be able to correct that.
Mind you, I am not telling I will be able to do so, just MIGHT be able, but if I can't do it myself
because I have been "out of the match" for over 5 years in OE or it's parent,
I will be able to put my finger on the exact spot where things go wrong
and the "ignition" of the engine looses its correct timing.
I would have to go all over the whole documentation and because of my recent involvement in an other project
I won't take out the time to do so, BUT if you give me the include-lib where switch-etc is defined, I will surely check that within at most next fortnight, max 3 weeks.

Antoine/Netherlands. Credentials:

  • Programming since 1968 part professionally but most of the time as a hobby.
  • ZX-Spectrum, Sinclair QL, Atari ST & TT030, lots of Dos/Win-machines
    currently Lenovo G70-80 Linux Ubuntu/Xubuntu 16.04.3 LinuxMint 18.%%
  • Experience in lots of ProgLans in those 49 yrs from 8086 to 68K030 Assembler
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