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I am working on my Irrlicht wrapper. So far, it is coming along well. However I am having an issue when trying to call string related functions.

In C you would do this.

C Code


Eu Wrapper Code

public constant xirrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowCaption = define_c_proc(irr,"irrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowCaption",{C_POINTER}) 
public procedure irrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowCaption(atom strw) 
 atom str = allocate_string(strw,1) 
end procedure 


include std/machine.e 
include EuIrr.ew 
constant TRUE = 1, FALSE = 0 
atom dims = irrDimension2duNew(800,600) 
atom campos = irrVector3dfNew(0,30,-40) 
atom camat = irrVector3dfNew(0,5,0) 
atom driver,scene,gui 
atom col = irrSColorNew(100,0,100,0) 
driver = irrIrrlichtDeviceGetVideoDriver() 
scene = irrIrrlichtDeviceGetSceneManager() 
gui = irrIrrlichtDeviceGetGUIEnviroment() 
irrIrrlichtDeviceSetWindowsCaption("Hello World") 

The error that comes up is type_check failure, strw is {72,101,108,108,111,32,87,111,114,108,100} Perhaps I need to make a machine call of some sort? Any help is appericated.

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