Re: Euphoria isn't dying - just needs a jolly good kick!

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ryanj said...

I haven't really thought of it that way before, but you bring up some good points. I have always felt like the euphoria language itself is wonderful, but it is difficult to learn how to actually run, bind, translate, generate documentation from creole-syntax comments, etc. because of a lack of GUI-based tools. I understand many people (mostly Linux users) are used to command consoles and have no problem with them, but I find them quite intimidating.

Thank you.

...Lately I asked a friend (51 years old) to help me with a project. He graduated university in math and computers.

He said: I'll use C#, Java, etc - I said: no time. It's my project. Only Euphoria. He was upset but was willing to try.

I could not believe that typing: "eui shians_project.ex" will break our partnership...! In university he used only visual studio...

He told me that Euphoria is useless....(???) can you believe? just because he had to type few letters on the console. In university they don't teach this stuff anymore.

I told him that Euphoria can describe 100 Java objects in a single sequence, and that he's talking nonsense. But... without Euphoria IDE he wouldn't even listen to me. Actually he was angry at me that I didn't tell him from the beginning that there's no IDE with help system.

For many new programmers the IDE seems to be the language itself. MS$ did its best to reach this situation. but now it is a fact.

Personally, I cannot find anyone to help me with Euphoria project - unless I'll supply them an Euphoria IDE. Actually no one here is willing to study Euphoria because of it.

For the new programmers the terminal's name (whichever terminal) is: "DOS". and they are not willing to use "DOS" anymore. I know that it sounds stupid.

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