Re: Euphoria's identity/philosophy -- Where is the focus?

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Slacker said...


I remember reading some of your posts on the old forum, and your frustration with the lack of some features and Rob's refusal to implement them, so I'm happy for you that you eventually got what you wanted.

But what do you mean by "modern"? It seems to me that 4.x went more the way of C, which can hardly be called "modern". In my opinion, adding a bunch of built-ins and control structures only served to distract from Euphoria's distinctive USP, which is the sequence.

Let me give just 1 example: years ago, I wrote business apps in Euphoria. It was easy to use, and Eu code is clear enough that some other programmer could, if necessary, maintain the apps if I were no longer available. Several of these programs are still in daily use.

Then someone wanted to connect to that new internet thingy, and I had to buy books on internet protocols and write my own low-level code to connect. It worked - but was incomplete, since I had other things to do besides developing a complete net library *and* properly documenting it.

Other people contributed more or less complete net libraries to RDS archives, but I was never really able to use these, either because of some missing feature, minimal documentation, or coding styles that left me puzzled. IOW, it often took more time to figure out how to use a contributed library that it took to write my own from scratch.

To me, a "modern" programming language should be able to download web pages without the programmer having to learn low-level protocols and spending days (for me, weeks) writing and testing code.

That's just one of dozens of things that have been added to Eu 4x - call 'em convieniences, if you wish - that make life easier for programmers who prefer to "build a car" rather than "reinvent the wheel".

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