Re: Voting begins on removing OpenWatcom support

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alanjohnoxley said...

Its bundled with Eu, and it just works. EUC -wat source.exw = done.

I actually do not see how this would be any more difficult than "EUC -gcc source.exw"

alanjohnoxley said...

Don't have to download, and worse, setup other packages. Lazy I know, but there it is.

MinGW is one installer, like Watcom. If its really that difficult to run a single additional GUI installer, it should be possible to bundle it with Eu, like Watcom.

alanjohnoxley said...

Is there a licence issue with bundling GCC with Euphoria?

GCC is under the usual GPL; Watcom has its own custom license (which Debian considers "non-free"). If it wasn't an issue with Watcom, I don't see why it would be with GCC. (Since Eu is public domain according to the SF page, it would probably make more sense to bundle neither of them, but I'm not a lawyer)

useless_ said...

I believe with the crop of small sbc like the Pi, Oak, and others, size matters, and if the compiler or resulting dll/exe won't fit into their 512Kbyte or 512Mbyte memory, it's a detriment to Eu spreading.

This also seems like a reason to ditch Watcom- note that even Windows can run on ARM CPUs now. Watcom is not likely support this either; so the devs would end up maintaining compiler-specific nuances to support just one of the 4-or-so platforms on only one of its 3 supported architectures.

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