1. Re: Applications in Euphoria

At 02:41 AM 1/31/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Poster:       "Kenneth D. Rhodes" <krhodes at PINELAND.NET>
>Subject:      Re: Applications in Euphoria

>But the most exciting prospect to me is the exposure of young people to
>programming.  You may never see me post code because I am not in the same
>league - but it is quite a charge when I see some little fuction I can
>throw up - I guess its like solving a puzzle.  I think that programming
>"teaches" problem solving skills.  I guess my age is showing.  They used to
>bundle languages with computers.  It made some people very rich!  There is
>a lot to be said for exposure.
>-Ken Rhodes

        One of you clever people might put together a set of charts for a 30
minute talk re Euphoria which the rest of us could use in presentations to
the various computer clubs we belong to??? Bye Art Adamson
Arthur P. Adamson, The Engine Man, euclid at mail.horandata.net

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