1. text_gui

Hey David Cuny:

Text_gui is way cool.  I can't wait to see it finished, and your editor.
I like edit more than ed, and would very much like to have a similar
program editor. Looks really great!

I would prefer that alt by itself hilighted the menu bar like edit,
though.  extremely minor nit from someone without much manual dexterity.

Michael Packard
Lord Generic Productions
lgp at exo.com http://exo.com/~lgp
A Crash Course in Game Design and Production

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2. text_gui

*** Reply to note of 01/28/97 23:04
thanks for the compliment. i intentionally left that "alt" feature out,
figuring it wasn't that important and could be added later. i see your point
about limited dexterity, though. i'll put it a bit higher on the to-do list.

the program was *supposed* to be a shell to show off the toolkit features,
BUT... i took a look at my old multi-line edit code that I thought was
broken beyond repair, and (much to my suprise) got it limping along again.
the MLE is *much* more complicated than any of the other controls, and there
are still a lot of things that are broken/not yet implemented. i'll try to
get it into shape and add it to the demo (within a week, perhaps).

i initially put all these tools together over a year ago when i found 'ed'
too irritating - i'd press alt+f, or f3 and irritating things would happen.
so i took Robert's advice and tried to re-write the editor. mid-way through
i decided that if i needed to write my own editor just to use a language, i
needed to find another language. i came back to Euphoria from ABC after
after hitting the memory limit wall, and decided to dust off the toolkit when
(much to my suprise) i found the code still sitting in my drive. that's taken
a couple of weeks just to make it presentable. ick!

i'm interested in knowing how i can change the toolkit so it is most useful
for people. if anyone has any opinions, let me know.


-- david cuny

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