1. Proposal: alt.lang.euphoria

Hello, all.  Would like to start an unmoderated newsgroup: alt.lang.euphoria.

Euphoria is a basic-like language which executes 10-20 times faster than
Qbasic.  Faster than Java, too.  It's shareware from Rob Craig's Rapid
Deployment Software at:

You can also find links to various enthusiastic Euphoria user's pages.
For example:

Michael Packard
Lord Generic Productions
A Crash Course in Game Design and Production

In addition to web sites, there's a mailing list.  From the Euphoria

Thanks to John Kinne of Miami University we now have a mailing list server
for Euphoria. Anyone who is interested in discussions about Euphoria can
add their e-mail address to the Euphoria mailing list. All you have to do is
send e-mail to:


If your name is John Smith the body of your message would be:

subscribe euphoria John Smith

Give your first and last name, not your e-mail address. The list server will
determine your e-mail address automatically. The subject of your message is
ignored. The list server will immediately reply to you with full instructions
on how to participate in the mailing list.

After subscribing, you can e-mail a message to
EUPHORIA at MIAMIU.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU and it will automatically
be forwarded to everyone on the list. There are special commands for
removing yourself from the list, and customizing various features to your
liking.  By participating you will find out what other people are doing with
Euphoria, and you will be able to solve Euphoria problems for yourself and for
others.  RDS participates as well, and everyone benefits from lively and
informative discussions. These discussions are archived so you can retrieve
them at any time.

Euphoria's plenty fast enough to write games in - a guy from England
named Peter Blue wrote a Space Invaders game complete with color graphics and
soundblaster sound.  Also available from Rapid Deployment's homepage.

The email list is pretty active; lots of wannabes and real programmers
chiming in.  Seems a good time to add a newsgroup to the mix.


Warren Evans

CC'd to Euphoria Programing email list.

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