1. Re: Graphing program - Here.

At 11:13 AM 12/27/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Here it is.  I warn you this is the very first Euphoria program I wrote, so
>if the code is poor give me a break.
>If anyone knows an easy way to fix my flipped Y-axis problem, let me know.
>Andrew Baron <abaron at CWAVE.COM>

Nice program, even though it is still rough and has a few problems, as you
mentioned.  I looked over your code and if I understand the problem about
the flipped Y-axis problem, I believe it can be fixed fairly easily.

First, in procedure initial() change the end of line defining the Y axis in
the sequence Center from: *300+50}
                  To: *-300+350}

In procedure draw_it() delete the statement:  Y = -Y

Also in the same procedure, in the statement draw_line (YELLOW,.......
add the minus sign to the Y axis statements as shown:
  , -prevY*Scale[2]+Center[2]},
and , -Y*Scale[2]+Center[2]}})

Hopefully this helps,
Happy New Year


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