1. Wish List to Santa

> I read all requests and if enough people wish for something
  > it will probably come true.

iE> You can expect to see in the first quarter of 1997 a new,
  > improved DOS version of Euphoria, as well as a Windows
  > (WIN32) version for Windows 95/NT. The Windows version will
  > initially be rather primitive, but will grow. The two versions
  > currently share most of their code, so many future improvements will
  > automatically go into both versions. There will be
  > alpha and beta releases of both versions before a final
  > release. I don't want to say any more at this time
  > because I don't want to feel committed to meeting artificial
  > deadlines. I am working full-time on the two new versions
  > -- maybe I'll take XMAS day off smile. Upgrades will be cheap as usual.

iE> Merry Christmas!

iE>    Rob Craig
  >    Rapid Deployment Softwar

I think that IBM specifies a subset of the Windows API which
if you only use that to construct your Windows programs,
then it is quite possible to adapt or recompile that program
as a native OS/2 application.

I think, too, that the European Common Market countries have
also established (or have asked MicroSoft to allow to have
established) a subset of the Windows API as an International
Standard, so that if a developer writes strictly to this
standard, it will be easily portable and maintainable, or
something like that.  I doubt that this is exactly in
MicroSoft's corporate interest.

But, with a little forethought, perhaps a Euphoria for
Windows can be implemented which is readily convertible to
other operating environments.

Larry Gregg
 ~ SPEED 2.00 #2609 ~ It's more than a reader.  It's a message base manager!

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