1. Message from Santa

Thank you for the various wish lists that have been posted.
I read all requests and if enough people wish for something
it will probably come true.

You can expect to see in the first quarter of 1997 a new,
improved DOS version of Euphoria, as well as a Windows
(WIN32) version for Windows 95/NT. The Windows version will
initially be rather primitive, but will grow. The two versions
currently share most of their code, so many future improvements will
automatically go into both versions. There will be
alpha and beta releases of both versions before a final
release. I don't want to say any more at this time
because I don't want to feel committed to meeting artificial
deadlines. I am working full-time on the two new versions
-- maybe I'll take XMAS day off smile. Upgrades will be cheap as usual.

David Cuny writes:
>8. auto-completion. either make it optional, or give some easy way to
>   move past the words added by the editor. see the ABC language for

At the top of ed.ex you'll see a declaration:

constant WANT_AUTO_COMPLETE = TRUE -- FALSE if you don't want
                                   -- auto-completion of Euphoria statements

Just make it FALSE.

Peter Blue (via private e-mail) wished for the ability to combine
binary data into a Euphoria .exe, so you wouldn't need
extra files of say sound-effects or whatever lying around.

I believe this can be done already. The bind program tacks your
.ex file onto the end of ex.exe. If you were to further tack some
data onto the end of that, I believe it would work. You would have
to end your .ex file with abort(0) so Euphoria would stop reading
your program at that point. You would also have to note the exact
byte offset into the .exe where the data starts (or search for a
marker string). Your program could open() your own .exe file in "rb" mode,
using command_line() to get the file name, and then seek() to the
correct position in the file and start reading from there. Of course
if you edit your code the correct seek position will likely change,
so you'd have to keep it up-to-date. You might want to write a little
utility program that would read your .exe and your data with getc()
in "rb" mode, and concatenate the two files into a new .exe file
using puts() in "wb" mode.

Merry Christmas!

   Rob Craig
   Rapid Deployment Software

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