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At 12:41 22-12-96 -0500, you wrote:
>Is there an FTP site from which I can download soundfx.e and
>sbcard.e? Let me know!
>Thanks, and sorry if this is a question you've already answered
>Cameron Kaiser
>spectre at sserv.com
Many people asked me for soundfx.e and related files.  So I will post it to
the list
so those interested could get it.
This message include a zip with all the needed files to plays wav files. in
NOTE: Some people have experience some problem it.  It's seem that it some
      it refuse to work.  I tested it only on my computer in dos mode in
windows 95
      without any problem.  But this code should be taken as is.  If one off you
      solve a bug, I would appreciate to receive the corrected file(s).

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