1. Re: modifyindent changes to ed.ex

Hello Jacques,

        I appreciate you trying the program out for me,
but no matter what I do I get:
true/false condition must be an ATOM.

        I declared an atom in the program called bffr and
let bffr equal buffer[i][1] then used bffr in the if statements.
that worked to get me past the undent if statements, but
then the program crashed in syncolor.e with an
type_check failure  at the line that reads
   c = line[seg_end+1]
in the global procedure DisplayColorLine

        I also tried to change the line with the ATOM problem
   if buffer[i][2] = ' ' then

the program run, but of course did not put back the first space of
the line,  I looked in ex.err and noticed the element that it was
processing with buffer[i][1] was equal to 9  which I assume is
a horizontal tab?  but when I ran the program using element [2]
instead of [1], element [2] contained 32 which is a space.

        Is it possible that maybe the problem lies in the fact
that it is a Horizontal Tab?

        I am very new to EUPHORIA, but I thought that when
you accessed a particular element of a sequence (ie. buffer[1][1])
that you would result in an ATOM, maybe I am misunderstanding
I thought that a sequence was made using a group of elements
that were ATOMS.  If this is the case then how can buffer[i][1]

        I could not understand how the program works fine for you
but does not work on either my home computer or my office computer.

        I was editing syncolor.e and sitting at the beginning of the
first line I pressed SHIFT+TAB and answered both prompts with 5.
That worked great, then I pressed CTRL+TAB and answered both
prompts with 5 again, it bombs out then trying to processes the Second
line in the file.

        I have put the code back the way it was, until I can get a
better understanding of what is going WRONG.

        Again, THANKS and I appreciate the help.



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