1. Robert? sequence_to_bmp

Is there anyway that I might could write a sequence as
a bitmap I would design the sequence to contain the

sequence s
s = {{palette info...}, {bitmap info.....}}

This format conforms to the way you load a
bmp_to_sequence.  This could be helpful in creating
bitmaps larger than screen size.
This isn't possible using save_bmp(0, "file.bmp") or
save_bmp({{0, 0}, {640, 480}}, "file.bmp").
It is possible however to create sequence that
represent a bitmap that is larger than the screen and
then scroll the bitmap around the screen.
Prime example is 2scroll2.ex.

Thanks in advance

--Lucius Lamar Hilley III
--   E-mail at luciuslhilleyiii at juno.com
--  I can only support file transfers of less than 64K.

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