1. Introducing Myself

Hello Friends:

While pursuing programming language for beginners, I came across Euphoria.
Instantly, I was impressed at how the Author, Robert Craig, granted people the
right to make changes to the codes of his program which he is offering as a
Public Domain.

As one comeing from the Shareware Group of software developers, I know how
restrictions are placed on usage of programs.   But with Euphoria, almost the
entire program can be likened to a flexible template.  This is most helpful to
one like me who has been using the Authoring System for producing Motivational
software for the Shareware market.

                            POTENTIALS FOR THE AUTHORING SYSTEM

Since the Authoring System, for the most part, does not require knowledge in
programming language to develop software, it has potentials for widening the
circle of software developers.  For myself, I was using the Authoring System for
two broad aims.  Firstly, to encourage knowledgeable people to develop more
materials at the entery level for new computer users.  Too many programmers seem
to be assuming that Users have their level of computer knowledge.

My second reason for using the Authoring System to develop software was to
encourage people, who, for whatever reason, are on the outside of The
Information Age.  Many of these people are holding negative and/or hostile views
of what computer is doing to them.  Others are simply left behind because they
lack access, opportunity and the means of owning computers.  But when computer
is used properly, it has the potential of bringing knowledge and information to
people aroung the world.

Furthermore, the Authoring System lends itself to views I have of pioneering
computer-related Clubs for fostering interest in a wider usage of computers. In
part, the aim is utilize computer and related devices for promoting Personal
Development among people on a global scale.

                                   ENVISAGED ROLE FOR EUPHORIA

Naturally, when I came across Euphoria, prospects for teaching more people to
explore the potential benefits of computer, was boosted.  I was further
encouraged by finding the program: A Beginners Guide To Euphoria by David Gay.
Clearly, the pieces are coming together for having materials for promoting the
proposed computer-related Club.  The most essencial part which is missing is a
body of skilled people who are willing to offer leadership in getting this
proposal established.

Perhaps some of you who are in the Euphoria Circle might be willing to
participate in bringing The Information Age to the neglected majority.   If so,
we could find ways of exchanging views for accomplishing these aims.

                                     POTENTIAL BENEFITS TO PARTICIPANTS

Currently, there are two major directions which developers of software are
facing.  One is leading to a reduced number of people owning, using and
benefiting form computers.  This is mostly because large companies are
endevouring to have less employees to do more work.  Those who become unemployed
can either fall by the wayside, or, travel in the other major direction.

Unemployed people with special skills can learn to pool their knowledge to reach
out to the vast majority of mankind who are seeking to be included in the
benefits which the increase of knowledge is bringing to some.  When these
neglected people are positioned to participate on The Super Information High
Way, they will be able to purchase the products we are producing.  So, then, let
us exchange views for using computer to transfer knowledge on a global scale.

Prepared by David A. Johnson
Balanced Prosperity Company =====>> Developer of Motivational Software
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
CIS ID # 71533,3232
Web site:  http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JDAVE

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