1. ED Modifications.

I have made following changes to Euphoria's DOS editor.

Assumption of 'ex' extension when no extension is given.

Colors have been changed.

Bracket color is now cyclic and indefinite.
--Before the depth was the length of BRACKET_COLOR
--Now the depth is indefinite
--NOTE: this change was made in the syncolor.e

Bug fixed.
--When loading without a filename to load the previous
--assumption of 'ex' would crap out. ALSO when
--loading a new file while already in the editor it did not
--assume 'ex'.  Now it assumes 'ex' wherever you specify
--a filename for loading into the editor unless you have
--given an extension.

--Lucius Lamar Hilley III
--   E-mail at luciuslhilleyiii at juno.com
--  I can only support file transfers of less than 64K and in UUE format.

section 1 of uuencode 5.21 of file ed.zip    by R.E.M.

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