1. graphics modes and bitmaps

Hi everyone,
         I have my own question,  and also the same (almost one as Adriaan),
I tried to modify Michael's background image,  and even used Paint Shop Pro
with   I think the same pallette he used.  I grabbed an olive green color,
and drew a gun up on the hill, and a red to make a kind of flame firing out
of it,  and then the tank image was all washed out and semi-invisible.
        But the main reason I am writing,  is that I have a trident vesa 1
meg graphics card,  and all of the screen modes Euphoria supports, come out
as only having one graphics page.  You can turn on a virtual page with
windows,  but it screws everything up as my background (windows) bmp is off
center, and when all my groups open they are off of the background when I
set the window as freeze.          But the main problem is only one graphics
page,  even with this virtual screen and running under windows it only reads
as one no matter what.  Which I don't expect such a simplistic solution, and
you can't expect dos users to run under windows even with exactly the same
card.  I suspect that you must access the video memory directly,  and if so
do all these cards put the memory in exactly the same area?  How do I find
out.  And is Michael's program doing this?
        Any advice is appreciated,
Monty King Sprinfield, Oregon, USA
(PS anyone doing anything with sound cards?  dll's?)

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