1. Michael Packard game 101

Hi Mr. Packard,
I like your project, I already studied the code from your home page.
Packman sprite are moving suprisingly smooth for an interpreted langage.
Please stick to the packman game, (no space invader).

I include in this message an joytsk.e file I wrote. It could be usefull
for the packman game.

Jacques Deschenes

***********      JOYSTIK.E begin here ****************
--       Include file to read the joysticks
--       by: Jacques Desch=88nes, Baie-Comeau, P.Q., Canada.
--       email: Desja at QUEBECTEL.COM
--       note: joystick is accessible by bios interrupt 15H  service 84H
--        function                 registers
--                         input             output
--        ---------------------------------------------------------
--       reading buttons    AX=3D#8400
--                          DX=3D#0000        AL=3D button state
--       reading stick      AX=3D#8400
--                          DX=3D#0001          AX=3D j1(x)
--                                            BX=3D j1(y)
--                                            CX=3D j2(x)
--                                            DX=3D j2(y)

include machine.e
sequence reg_list -- list of register values

reg_list =3D repeat(0, 10)
constant READ_POS=3D#0001, READ_BUTTONS=3D#0000
constant INT_15=3D#15, JOYSTICK=3D#8400

-- *********************
-- * globals functions *
-- *********************

global function get_stick_pos(integer JoyNo)
-- return the position of the specified joystick
-- position is {x,y}
   sequence position
   position =3D repeat(0,2)
   reg_list[REG_AX] =3D JOYSTICK
   reg_list[REG_DX] =3D READ_POS
   reg_list =3D dos_interrupt(INT_15,reg_list) -- read joystick
   if JoyNo =3D 1 then
     position[1] =3D reg_list[REG_AX]
     position[2] =3D reg_list[REG_BX]
     position[1] =3D reg_list[REG_CX]
     position[2] =3D reg_list[REG_DX]
   end if
   return position
end function -- get_stick_pos

global function get_buttons(integer JoyNo)
-- return the state of the buttons of the specified joystick
-- buttons are {b1,b2} 0  pressed, 1  released

   sequence buttons
   atom ButtonsState
   buttons =3D repeat(0,2)
   reg_list[REG_AX] =3D JOYSTICK
   reg_list[REG_DX] =3D READ_BUTTONS
   reg_list =3D dos_interrupt(INT_15,reg_list) -- read joystick
   if JoyNo !=3D 1 then
   end if
   buttons[1] =3D remainder(ButtonsState,2)
   buttons[2] =3D remainder(ButtonsState,2)=20

   return buttons
end function -- get_buttons

global function WaitButtons(integer JoyNo)
-- wait until a joystick button is pressed, x specify which joystick
  sequence b
  b =3D {1,1}
  while b[1] and b[2] do
    b =3D get_buttons(JoyNo)
  end while=20
  return b
end function -- WaitButtons()

global procedure WaitButtonsRelease(integer JoyNo)
  sequence b
  b =3D get_buttons(JoyNo)
  while b[1] =3D 0  or b[2] =3D 0 do
    b =3D get_buttons(JoyNo)
  end while
end procedure -- WaitButtonsRelease()

global sequence HiX, LoX, HiY, LoY
HiX =3D repeat(0,2) LoX =3D repeat(0,2) HiY=3Drepeat(0,2)  LoY=3Drepeat(0=

global procedure CalJoyStk(integer JoyNo)
-- Calibrate the joystick=20
   sequence b, pos integer cx, cy
   printf(1,"********  Joystick calibration procedure.
   printf(1,"Calibration of joystick %1d\n\n",{JoyNo})
   printf(1,"CENTER joystick and push a button.\n",{})
   b =3D WaitButtons(JoyNo)
   pos =3D get_stick_pos(JoyNo)
   cx =3D pos[1] cy =3D pos[2]
   printf(1,"Center x is %d\nCenter y is %d\n",{cx,cy})
   printf(1,"Push joystick UP and LEFT and push a button.\n",{})
   b =3D WaitButtons(JoyNo)
   pos =3D get_stick_pos(JoyNo)
   HiX[JoyNo] =3D floor((cx+pos[1])/2) HiY[JoyNo] =3D floor((cy+pos[2])/2=
   printf(1,"High threshold x is %d\nHigh threshold y is %d\n",
   printf(1,"Push joystick DOWN and RIGHT and push a button.\n",{})
   b =3D WaitButtons(JoyNo)
   pos =3D get_stick_pos(JoyNo)
   LoX[JoyNo] =3D floor((cx+pos[1])/2) LoY[JoyNo] =3D floor((cy+pos[2])/2=
   printf(1,"Low threshold x is %d\nLow threshold y is %d\n",
   printf(1,"Push a button to continu.",{})
   b =3D WaitButtons(JoyNo)
end procedure -- CalJoyStk()

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