1. Euphoria 1.4a

I'd like to welcome several new people who have signed up to the
Euphoria mailing list recently. The last time I issued a
"review euphoria" command there were 26 people on the list.
I expect this number will grow significantly as EUPHOR14.ZIP
gets into wider circulation.

We recently announced Euphoria version 1.4 'a' on the
WEB page. It has a new library routine called crash_message()
plus a bunch of fairly minor improvements and bug fixes.
For more details see the WEB page, or RELNOTES.DOC in the .ZIP

Anyone who has the v1.4 Complete Edition can download the 1.4a
Complete Edition for free - just send e-mail to RDS and we'll
give you the downloading instructions.

A few more Euphoria example programs were added yesterday to
the WEB page. They're bundled as "goodies.zip".

If you have ideas for improving Euphoria, or if you are stuck on
a problem, feel free to post a message to this mailing list.

    Rob Craig
    Rapid Deployment Software

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