1. Re: newbie's video problem

I reported:
> > I run Euphoria 1.4 programs in a DOS window under Windows 95.  The
> > first time EX runs, it forces the window to full-screen mode....

     Robert Craig replied:
> Yes, this is the behaviour that I see on win95 as well. I
> think it happens the first time you run *any* DOS program - no?. I have
> always assumed there was some setting in win95 to change this behaviour,
> but I have not tried very hard to find it. Unfortunately I won't
> be able to investigate it for a couple of days - maybe someone else on
> this list has the answer already. I'll let you know if I find out more.

In my experience, this is not typical of DOS windows under Windows
95.  If set up (in the .pif file) to run in a window, they generally
stay that way, unless a program requres a video mode that cannot be
emulated in a window.  A graphics viewer or an editor in 132-column
mode will force the session to go full-screen, but the session
usually returns to windowed mode when the program exits or switches
back to 80x25.

Since my first message on the subject, I have found that using
                      i = graphics_mode(-1)
forces the session to return to windowed mode.  With my hardware, it
does so in very unattractive manner, with a lot of flashing and
flickering, unless it's preceded by
Curiously, VIDEO_CONFIG shows no change in mode or any other
paramters when GRAPHICS_MODE(-1) is invoked.

I appreciate your responding to my question.

Robb Holmes
holmesr at ilinks.net
"Did God ever build a wall?" -- Duke Ellington
Rude Interlude, a Duke Ellington home page: http://www.ilinks.net/~holmesr/duke.

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