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Monty and all,

you wrote:
>I don't know what binhex is.  It could have existed before I
>What is it and how could I get a copy?

>        I'll look into some of this when I get your reply with info
>binhex (?????)

>--much regards

Binhex has been around for several years and is freeware.  The
following is the Readme file included in Binhex13.zip and explains it
better than I can.

    PC BinHex 1.3    University of Minnesota 1992-1993


    This Utility encodes binary files into a plain text format and
    decodes the resulting files into their original state. The
    encoding method used is called BinHex. This encoding method
    works on any type of file, including formatted word processing
    and spreadsheet files, graphics files, and even executable
    files (i.e. programs or applications). The encoded file can
    also be passed from computer to computer in its encoded form.
    The encoding will remain intact and it will be equally
    meaningless on all the machines until it is unencoded. To be
    usable or readable it must be converted back to its original
    format and be run on a compatible computer. This program is
    compatible with the Macintosh version of BINHEX and with
    POPMail (tm).


    F1: Access online help.

    F2: Bin2Hex - Converts a Binary File to a BinHex encoded File.

    F3: Hex2Bin - Converts a BinHex encoded File to a Binary File.

    Alt-X: Exit the program.

Binhex can be obtained from numerous ftp sites, some in the US are:

-- Fred Cole

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