1. Re: Coding Conflicts in FileList.e & Ed.e

Lucien and all,

Lucien Elliott writes:
>Fred's code worked 1st time thru, but lacks the ability to
>set a starting point, and REQUIRES a mouse (i hate mouses).
>so i moved on to Jacques code, which i liked very much in
>the test mode.

Thanks for your critique of my program.  After considering your
comments, I agree that the ability to set a starting point would
be better, so I modified the code so it now starts up in either
the current directory or in a user predetermined directory.
As for the mouse I decided to keep it in, as I believe some people
don't mind using a mouse while others, like you, do.

If anybody has an interest in receiving the modified version of my
file search & select program just let me know and I will send it
to the group.

     Fred Cole
(facole at prodigy.com

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