1. New Euphoria Page.

I made a WEB/FTP account with dragonfire.net just for Euphoria.  It has 25
meg so upload as much as you can to
ftp://ftp.dragonfire.net/users/Euphoria/uploads/ and yes Euphoria is
capitalized.  I'm mostly looking for rare EX and E files like that new
include file E and the motifyed version of the editor that comes with it.

If you do upload you WILL NOT be able to see it, but it's there!  When you
upload be sure to write me a message at sysop at atl.mindspring.com including
your name and the file name so I can add it to the web page at

If the music annoys you or it crashes your browser let me know so I can take
it out.  The page is Netscape 3.0 enhanced.

Hope to see many files there soon!

-Matt Stancliff

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