1. Even more goodies?

This written by Jiri:

>Now, that we are allowed to have mem_set() & mem_copy() - very nice,
>you! - what about a complete set of goodies with mem_and(), mem_or() &

a1 = memory address 1
a2 = memory address 2
a3 = length of memory to process
mem_or(a1, a2, a3)
mem_xor(a1, a2, a3)
mem_and(a1, a2, a3)
mem_not(a1, a3)

I agree with Jiri.  This could increase our video processing speed.

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2. Re: Even more goodies?

At 11:15 AM 3/30/97 EST, you wrote:

>a1 = memory address 1
>a2 = memory address 2
>a3 = length of memory to process
>mem_or(a1, a2, a3)
>mem_xor(a1, a2, a3)
>mem_and(a1, a2, a3)
>mem_not(a1, a3)
>I agree with Jiri.  This could increase our video processing speed.

Perhaps. However, am I the only one having problems running programs after
one that uses mem_copy()?  I noticed after running my newest project after
Jiri's sample program that some of my colors were changed(?). When I ran
Windows everything got cleared up, though. Then, I ran Jiri's Aliens! game,
and not only were some of my colors changed, but my game was only running at
about 1/4 speed that it used to. Strange. But then, I made my own little
program using mem_copy(), but that messed some colors up and slowed down my
game as well. What's the deal? I love this new technique, since it made my
hopeless scrolling demo run over 3x as fast with a lot of potential.
However, I do not like the side effects one bit.

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