Folks, some of the routines in ASSOC.E that I posted here not
  long ago are badly broken - I was looking over the code, and
  some of it simply didn't look right, so I checked it, and -
  sure enough - it was _wrong_.  Badly so.  I tore out the
  broken code and put in the correct code, but then I realized
  that there's a more efficient way to implement associative
  lists - so bear with me a couple of days, and I'll post the
  new and improved ASSOC.E.

  If you've already started to code for it, worry about the bug;
  it's serious - but don't worry about having to change _your_
  code - the rewrite is guaranteed to have the exact same
  _interface_ as the broken code.

  The corrected ASSOC.E and all the rest of my routines need no
  changes to work in version 1.5 as they did in version 1.4.

Jeff Zeitlin                                      jeff.zeitlin at execnet.com
 ~ OLXWin 1.00b ~ I think we should put a ban on all censorship

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