1. Re: My first program

Thanks for all the help and tips. It shows that the Re: Money thread
isn't the only going around the Listserv. I will experiement with the
code tomorrow and *maybe* send the code to Robert Craig tomorrow

Response to your comments

>Ad Rienks
>What you mean by stardates and all that code I don't know. Is it
>something from Science Fiction? I recall that it was used on the USS

Yes the stardates are used on all the Star Trek spinoffs.

>James Powell
>good luck in all your programming efforts, and please do share your
>code when finished, ok?

Yes, I will post the full source code.

Thanks for the factorinbg looping bit of code, David. If I don't use
it in the program I will definitely keep it for an example of good
ways to use for and if loops.

~~>Joseph Martin
~~>Personal: joe at cyber-wizard.com
~~>Web:  jam.net at poboxes.com
~~>URL: http://users.exis.net/~jam/

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