1. EuTEST problem (more data)

What does this error mean?

Setting new parameters: executable = /usr/local/bin/eui, binder = /usr/local/bin/eubind, translator = /usr/local/bin/euc, backend -eub /usr/local/bin/eub, library  
Setting executable to '/usr/local/bin/eui' 
interpreting /solution/t_all-fail.e: 
CMD '/usr/local/bin/eui   -d UNITTEST -batch /solution/t_all-fail.e  -log ' 
FAILURE: /solution/t_all-fail.e program died with status 1 
binding /solution/t_all-fail.e: 
CMD '"/usr/local/bin/eubind" -eub /usr/local/bin/eub  -batch -d UNITTEST /solution/t_all-fail.e -out t_all-fail-bound' 
FAILURE: t_all-fail program binding terminated with a bad status 1 
translating /solution/t_all-fail.e:CMD '/usr/local/bin/euc    -d UNITTEST -d EC -batch /solution/t_all-fail.e -o t_all-fail-translated' 
FAILURE: t_all-fail program translation terminated with a bad status 139 
Test results summary: 
    FAIL: /solution/t_all-fail.e 
    FAIL: binding t_all-fail 
    FAIL: translating t_all-fail 
Files (run: 3) (failed: 3) (0% success) 

That's after running eutest as

eutest -log -verbose -eui /usr/local/bin/eui -eubin /usr/local/bin /solution/t_all-fail.e > /output/t_all-fail.out 

Oh, and the log file could not be written.

Cannot open unittest.log for append. 
<0301>:: Couldn't open 't_all-fail-bound'! 
Segmentation fault 

The context is Docker. -Bruce

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