1. BITS32 and BITS64 and Arch defines wrong

I use 64-bit Linux. I found after compiling the latest head with a 4.0 binary. The binary defines are set for i386-32 even though the binary is 64-bit. When compiling, the translator to C tries to compile as a 32-bit and the build procedure fails trying to find the 32-bit libraries.

This means code like below would go down the wrong branch...

ifdef IX86 then 

I tried several ways to get this to work. There were more than 70 failing unit test files. I got the failure rate down to 23.

Before I commit and push, I am going to try to build again with the 4.0 interpreter. Then build itself with the built copy. All those upgrading will have to translate with 4.0 or one of the binaries created after these changes.

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