1. Phix console conflicts

In a console application, if you connect the std/console.e library, it conflicts with Console Graphics/read_bitmap
global constant BMP_SUCCESS = 0,
which, as I understand it, is connected automatically, there was no such thing in the 0.8 version

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2. Re: Phix console conflicts

OK, noting that std/console.e is a Euphoria include and not really a phix include,
but the one I ship with Phix is indeed clearly now wrong. It looks like I have added
a few things to psym.e/syminit() that are now triggering errors. Let's see...
commented out all of the M_WAIT_KEY set in std/console.e
commented out all BMP_SUCCESS, VC_COLOR and M_VIDEO_CONFIG sets in std/graphcst.e
(by comment out I mean wrap in "--/*" and "--*/" so phix treats them as comments but Euphoria does not)

That should be better, I've pushed those changes to the repository should you need them. Thanks.

PS That "noting" comment is not meant to be a dig, just a reminder that care must be taken to ensure that
Phix includes the one it ships with (if at all), and I absolve responsibility should that not work with Eu.

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