1. Problem with wiki

So I was looking at the wiki and I noticed something strange. On the CreoleHelp page there is a table for the Heading markup which seems to say the text gets smaller as 1 to 6 '=' signs are used. Then underneath the table there is what is supposed to be an example of the header usage. Except, the size 2 heading is smaller than the size 3 heading. sad

I looked at the page source and it seems to be correct (2 '=' gives a tag pair of <h2></h2>. I used 2 different browsers on my phone and 2 on my laptop. It looked the same.

So I did a search for html header tags and went to w3schools.com and on the <header> tag there is a Tryit Editor and I did the same heading in sizes h1 to h6 and it got smaller down the page. There was not much difference between h1 and h2 but that could just be my old eyes.

IDK what's going on but it doesn't look good that the CreoleHelp page has some squirrely looking formatting on it.


PS: I tested it on my profile page Lnettnay and it still isn't working correctly.

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2. Re: Problem with wiki




Creole only sets the html tags, like <h1>. The css tells the wiki what the tag should do. You can style the <h2> to look like anything, even as strange, as you like.

If you try creole on your own computer you will find (using the default css file) that the h1>h2>h3 as you expect.

The answer is, the wiki css file has been manipulated for a specific effect.

be well,

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