1. Minor EuRaylib Update!

Hello all,

I have made a small update to my EuRaylib wrapper. I have made it even more Euphoria friendly. I noticed that the struct Ray just consist of two Vector3, which can be translated to 3 floats and declared as x, y and z. This mostly just affects the 3D functions. Though I'd keep you all updated.

You can get it from here: https://github.com/gAndy50/Euraylib

--An example just to show 
public constant xCheckCollisionRaySphereEx = define_c_func(ray,"+CheckCollisionRaySphereEx",{C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT,C_FLOAT},C_BOOL) 
public function GetCollisionRayGround(atom ray_x,atom ray_y,atom ray_z,atom dir_x,atom dir_y,atom dir_z,atom height) 
 return c_func(xGetCollisionRayGround,{ray_x,ray_y,ray_z,dir_x,dir_y,dir_z,height}) 
end function 
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