1. macOS installation

I'm new to macOS and I can't get OE 4.1 running after installing the 4.1.0-beta2 OSX-x64 package on a Mac Mini: eui not found.

Does someone know how to get it up and running ?


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2. Re: macOS installation

I managed to get OE 4.05 compile and run on macOS X Lion. First, event if macOS is 64-bit, arch reports an i386 architecture (32-bit) on my Mac Mini (Intel Core-2 Duo). That is why OE4.1 doesn't run.

I had to compile OE 4.05 from source. I needed to replace linux/limits.h by i386/limits.h in be_main.c and in execute.h, then I needed to remove -lsnl flag in Makefile.gnu.

The classical method ./configure, make and sudo make install made the job.

Mac-mini-de-Jean-Marc:source jean-marcduro$ eui -v 
Euphoria Interpreter v4.0.5 development 
   OS X, Using System Memory 
   Revision Date: 2012-10-15 09:43:49, Id: 5743:62d94559f849 
Mac-mini-de-Jean-Marc:source jean-marcduro$ 


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