1. GUI App vs CLI App - Speed

Is the speed of a CLI app going to always be faster than a GUI app?

I'm guessing that general functionality won't be any slower on a GUI app, but will the output to a console always be faster than output to a GUI?

Asked because of this article.

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2. Re: GUI App vs CLI App - Speed

GUI applications generally have a lot going on behind the scenes: message loop, event passing, object hierarchy, widget drawing, etc. But CLI apps are generally pretty straight-forward: you get it, do your business, and get out. One thing I've noticed though, is that writing a lot of output from a CLI app will slow it down, at least on Windows. A lot of my various data-processing scripts in Euphoria run much faster when they're not writing to the console. (This could also be due to the way Euphoria handles the console on Windows.)


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3. Re: GUI App vs CLI App - Speed

"it marks Microsoft’s latest efforts to improve the developer environment on Windows 10."

It's still got a long way to go. But at least Windows now has a usable pseudo-terminal, and you can even download and install Ubuntu right from Microsoft.

Free, even! shocked (give 'em time, they'll figure out how to charge for it.)

As for speed - the Windows terminals - both old and this new one, just like Linux terminals when you're running a window manager, are just emulating a cli. So they are doing a lot of graphic work anyway.

Um... I have an idea - why not just install Linux in the first place? smile Then you can open an actual full-screen cli. Is that even possible on Windows?

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