1. Euphoria MVC framework - many more updates!

I've pushed several updates to Euphoria MVC.

  • mvc/app.e now provides events for hooking into stages of the app pipeline
  • mvc/config.e is a simple INI parser for loading your app's configuration
  • mvc/cookie.e is for getting and setting cookies from the browser
  • mvc/database.e is a modular database layer for connecting to any database
  • mvc/db_mysql.e is the first module for database.e for using MySQL
  • mvc/session.e uses cookies to store private session information locally
  • db/mysql.e is a low-level wrapper for libmysqlclient.

I'll be adding more database modules soon, for PostgreSQL, SQLite, and EuSQL.

Here's a longer example of how all this all works together: https://openeuphoria.org/pastey/300.wc


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