1. Vim and ctags

I'd like to start coding in Vim and use ctags.

I'm trying to follow the directions in https://github.com/OpenEuphoria/editors/blob/master/ctags/ReadMe-euphoria.txt but stopped at line 30:
"there are two regex parsers, simple and callback copy one of the euphoria.c parsers to euphoria.c in the ctags source directory"

Can't find any euphoria.c file in my euphoria installation. What files, where from should I copy?

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2. [solved] Re: Vim and ctags

Did it in a hurry, now with more time already found the files. For other people coming to oE/Phix, the two files are right on https://github.com/OpenEuphoria/editors/tree/master/ctags simple-regex-euphoria.c and callback-regex-euphoria.c

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