1. Oldies revival


I plan to fix a Rapsberry Pi Zero W and connector fasteners under an USB Keyboard to rebuild a computer in the spirit of early eighties. This can be done with some plastic 3D printed parts and a customized OS like Rapbian Lite with no graphical desktop to get an small computer that connects to a TV, gets network via WiFi, allows to learn programming with Euphoria and can play some opensource games without needing much power. That makes sense to young seniors like me who collect old computers (TRS-80, TI 99/4, Amstrad, Oric, and so on.

Some Euphoria-based command-line utilities could help mask complexity of Linux to users, like network configuration. As a Pi Zero W also has GPIO inputs/outputs, it could drive some domestic extensions or whatever else to please children. I hope to get something ready for the summer holidays.

Any thoughts about that?



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2. Re: Oldies revival


Tons, I'vvic20, and e got Vic20, an acorn atom, and two BBC ready for 'upgrades' - what's holding me back is my old radio upgrade projects, and the feeling of vandalism every time I think of ripping out the insides of these old machines!

Rasp pi is the way to go though, plenty of versatility and options.



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3. Re: Oldies revival

jmduro said...

I plan to fix a Rapsberry Pi Zero W...

Any thoughts about that?

This sounds like a really fun project! I've always wanted to do some fiddling with those tiny PCs (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.).

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4. Re: Oldies revival

I've got half a dozen of these devices sitting around. I mostly use a Raspberry Pi Zero for emulating console games with RetroPie and a Raspberry Pi 3 B for monitoring my home network with Check_MK.


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5. Re: Oldies revival

Here is the first step of the projet: a DirectFB library for ARM to let OpenEuphoria 4.1 create graphics on low power ARM devices without X11.


An example is provided. It is still a work in progress.

It can compile on Linux but getting it work is another story: accessing the DirectFB API directly on Linux is really painful. I was not able to get it work on Linux:

ioctl FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO: Invalid argument 


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