1. Ubuntu timeout

Using Euphoria 4.1 and Ubuntu 18.1

The default Ubuntu timeout of ten minutes is very annoying. I am the only person who has access to this computer, and I want to eliminate the timeout completely. I have found and followed two different methods that were supposed to accomplish that; neither one worked.
Any suggestions? (Probably use a Ubuntu forum) :)

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2. Re: Ubuntu timeout

It's probably found under Screensaver/Settings.

Haven't been able to load Ubuntu yet - severe storms and power outages all afternoon - that's not a good time to be updating a computer....

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3. Re: Ubuntu timeout

On my system on the far right side of the top "bar" there is a kind of circular symbol which will display a drop down list when selected with the mouse arrow.

Select System Settings from the drop down menu. A popup box entitled "help" will open. From the first row of options labeled "Personal" select the "Brightness & Lock" icon. You will be presented with a pick list offering options to "turn screen off" after various selectable time interval options, including "never". I leave mine set on never and leave the Lock settings alone.

Hope this helps...


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4. Re: Ubuntu timeout

From the Show Applications icon at the bottom left corner of the screen (the one that has 9 dots, looks like a die)

If one of a pair of mice is a mouse, shouldn't one of a pair of dice be called a douse?

Click on Settings (the gear and wrench icon), Then Power from the left-hand list, and in the drop-down list next to Blank screen, choose how long or never.

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