1. w32HTimer captures only one event

Hello Boys

I am using the code euphoria 3.11 below.

procedure captura(integer self, integer event, sequence parms) 
 VOID=playSound ("untie.wav") 
 system("notePad agenda.txt",1) 
end procedure 
setTimer (WIN1, 1, 22000) 
setHandler(WIN1, w32HTimer,routine_id("captura"))  

Without problems the setHandler captures the first event and when this happens I'm play a sound abd opening a notePad and I want the timer to make the setHandler work every 22 seconds. But it happens only once. After the first event, my code opens the notePad and the timer no longer triggers setHandler. What should I do to setHandler to continue capturing setTimer events?

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2. Re: w32HTimer captures only one event

The problem is that system() waits for the process it started to complete. You'll want to use shellExecute() or shellExecuteEx() from Win32Lib to start a process asynchronously.


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