1. Porting question - SunOS

I downloaded euphoria-NETBSD-4.0.5-src.tar.gz from sourgeforge. Replaced all NETBSD (any case combination) strings with SUNOS. Changed configure and Makefile a little. Stepped through and patched bugs while building.

I now have along with all the other bins :

Euphoria Interpreter v4.0.5 development 
   SUNOS, Using System Memory 
   Revision Date: 2012-10-15 09:43:49, Id: 5743:62d94559f849 

Not everything works yet. (example: platform name and probably others)


Do I fully have to fully fix 4.0.5 C translated files and E files, before I can use it to add a SunOS platform to the latest SCM checkout?

Using OpenIndiana Hipster 2017.04 with latest oi-userland

uname -a 
SunOS ------- 5.11 illumos-202ca9ae46 i86pc i386 i86pc 

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2. Re: Porting question - SunOS - New questions

Maybe a better way to put it.

For those who create translated C sources for other platforms.

What steps are needed? And which build directories need them?

Have not found it in the docs yet.

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3. 4.1.0 up and running

Went back and rebuilt 4.0.5 no SunOS. Good enough to build 4.1.0 now.

No core dumps now, just need to check test failures.

Euphoria Interpreter v4.1.0 development 
   32-bit NetBSD, Using System Memory 
   Revision Date: 2017-05-16 09:40:09, Id: 6450:ba0fec61913e 

Test results summary: 
    FAIL: c_fwd_init.e 
    FAIL: c_fwd_typecheck.e 
    FAIL: fwd_constasgn.e 
    FAIL: fwd_mutual2.e 
    FAIL: fwd.e 
    FAIL: fwdnoinc.e 
    FAIL: scope_4.e 
    FAIL: t_abadcase.e 
    FAIL: t_c_badmachine.e 
    FAIL: t_c_ns_builtin.e 
    FAIL: t_c_safe_free_allocate_protect.e 
    FAIL: t_c_safe_unregister_free.e 
    FAIL: t_callc.e 
    FAIL: t_database.e 
    FAIL: t_de_dep.e 
    FAIL: t_de_math.e 
    FAIL: t_de_memory.e 
    FAIL: t_de_safe.e 
    FAIL: t_de_unsafe.e 
    FAIL: t_declasgn_wrning.e 
    FAIL: t_dep.e 
    FAIL: t_filesys.e 
    FAIL: t_goto_warning.e 
    FAIL: t_literals.e 
    FAIL: t_machine.e 
    FAIL: t_map.e 
    FAIL: t_memory.e 
    FAIL: t_net_http.e 
    FAIL: t_safe.e 
    FAIL: t_socket.e 
    FAIL: t_unsafe.e 
    FAIL: t_warning.e 
Files (run: 213) (failed: 32) (85% success) 

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4. Re: 4.1.0 up and running

Please use the {{{ and }}} tags to format text output. See CreoleHelp for details.


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5. Re: 4.1.0 up and running

This is what I am getting on Linux 32-bit for the same version:

Interpreted test files failed unexpectedly.: 4 
These were: t_declasgn_wrning.e, t_map.e, t_net_http.e, t_warning.e, 
Compiled test files failed unexpectedly....: 6 
These were: t_callc-translated, t_map-bound, t_map-translated, t_net_http-bound, t_net_http-translated, t_rand-translated, 

You should probably just ignore the test failures I am getting because they probably are much harder to fix than the other ones that failing only on SunOS.

Another thing I noticed in 4.1 tip(ba0fec61913e) is that eutest.ex just doesn't work. It complains about an undeclared variable HEADER. It seems like someone removed a global/public constant from the library.

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6. Re: 4.1.0 up and running

No. Looks like the eutest problem was caused by my copy of EUPHORIA's standard include files being out of date.

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