1. how To Compile OpenEuphoria

I've forgotten how to compile OpenEuphoria now. The WIKI instructions appear to be out of date.
I've got both a Windows 64-bit system and a Linux 32-bit system.
An ideas, people?

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2. Re: how To Compile OpenEuphoria

I don't have a 32-bit computer to compile this, but using the 64-bit 4.1.0 beta 2, I just did the usual change to the source directory, did ./configure then make, then sudo make install. Just tried it, worked fine, with one discrepancy:

There was a warning at the end of the install process regarding ecp.dat not existing. I have no idea what ecp.dat is or is supposed to do, but the lack of it doesn't seem to affect the installation.

As far as Windows - sorry, don't know.

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