1. Qu programming Language

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jmduro said...

I just put the definition of win_t at the beginning of include/Utf8.h

typedef unsigned int wint_t; 

I still can't use any socket-related function. Il get an error:

duro@debian-32:~/TÚlÚchargements/qu/demo$ qu socket.qu 
[-1218799872] Qu.compile_main (ESystem) /opt/qu/lib/Socket line 8: OpenSSL is not available near Ssl 

libssl-dev is installed (Debian 8 32-bit). I don't know what is missing.


./configure fails on msys2 windows, the error message mentions ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/config/ there is a readme there that has links to get new config.guess and config.sub this allows configure to complete and may fix other problems but wasn't enough to get it to build for me.

Qu isn't portable enough to run on windows at the moment almost 10 years since the last release yet another DIY half finished project

here's some corrected URL not mentioned on the Qu wiki page



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2. Re: Qu programming Language

Yes, there have been too many changes since the last time anyone looked at this. I can't compile a copy.

Back when it was being maintained, it worked very well, and had a wrapper for GTK2. Marc seems to have dropped out of sight, and nothing's been done in years.

That, I submit, will be the fate of a lot of one-programmer programming languages.

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