1. OpenEuphoria forum newby

This my 'hello' to OpenEuphoria.

Although I'm a new user here, I've been using Euphoria on and off for some time (Euphoria 3, Windows).
My 'real' job is in: software for realtime and communications, software quality, language development...

The salient reasons I'm here now are...
1. I came in contact with Pete Lomax and Phix back in 2010 and I did a bit of debugging. I like Phix.
2. I don't work full time any more. That means I can do more things I'm interested in.
3. I found recently that Phix will now run most stuff I wrote in Eu3 without any problem.
4. I have some things I wrote that might be useful to others (Currently Eu3 specific but that can change).

So - Hi to all.
I hope we'll like one another.

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2. Re: OpenEuphoria forum newby

Welcome to the forum.

As you can see, we live in interesting times.


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